Monday, August 28, 2006

Pictures to prison and to cancer patients

We received a request for 200 free pictures of Jesus from the Chaplain of a State Penitentiary. Pray for the prisoners. We are so glad whenever we receive a request for pictures from a prisoner. We know that Jesus will help them and we rejoice at this opportunity to give out 200. If you have friends or relatives in prison, send a free picture of Jesus to them. We have a special photo picture that is not laminated, so it should be able to be received in any prison. It is about the size of a playing card.
My husband and I sat down on a bench next to a man and we starting talking to him. I showed him the pictures of Jesus and asked him if he would like to have some. He said yes. Then he told us that he is a paramedic, licensed in another state, and that right now he is doing nursing for cancer patients. He said he would give the pictures to his patients.