Friday, August 24, 2007

She felt so comforted by Him

Today a woman named Rosemary called. She had a few pictures of Jesus, and was just reading the back of the picture, and said that she felt so comforted by Him, she wanted to call and talk to us about what is going on in her life. She said that her daughter, Reyna, has lupus, and is having a hard time, because her daughter, Nadine, is years old, and the doctors can't figure out what is the matter with her. She is having seizures, so she is going to be going to the Mayo clinic for more exams.

Rosemary also said that her husband has a bipolar disorder and takes medication, and he has been really frustrated lately. She said she asks Jesus for paitence so she can care for him when he is really upset. I prayed with her on the phone for the healing of her family, and she said that she could feel Jesus with her, and she was thanking Him. She said that she had given the picture of Jesus to a woman named Maria who has a drug problem, and she hasn't seen her since than, but she had a dream about going to her house last night. She said she would like to have a lot of pictures so that she can give them to anyone anywhere at anytime. Rosemany says that she knows she will call us soon with good news about her family, and is very excited to be able to serve Jesus by giving His picture to anyone who needs Him.

Join us at the OJP Prayer Forum, as we bring Rosemary and her husband and her daughter before Jesus. We know that Jesus will help them, because He really loves each of them.