Sunday, July 13, 2008

HEALINGS! Thank you, Jesus!

On April 10, 2008, we posted about praying for Louie, who was in the hospital with cancer. (You can read that post here.) From that post, I am describing what happened as we were leaving for the hospital to pray for him: I went in my room to get my bag and a few items. I opened a drawer to look for something I needed and I saw a notebook in the drawer. I pulled out the notebook and opened it at random to a page and looked down. The page was dated 1-26-2008, and there I had recorded a dream I had the night before. In the dream I was telling Therese and Silvana by the Holy Spirit that Jesus was going to send us out to pray for people with cancer and other diseases, and that He was going to move with power when we did so.
We prayed for Louie on April 10, and when he was released a few days later, the doctors sent him home (with hospice) telling him that he only had two or three days to live. It is three months later and Louie is doing well, feeling better and better. Jesus healed him!
On May 26th, we had a gathering in our arbor to honor Memorial Day, and Yolanda and her husband came so we could pray for her. She was in the third stage of cancer and had gone through chemotheraphy. We laid hands on her and prayed together for her. On July 3rd we found out that the cancer is gone and she is feeling so well that she and her husband went on a much needed vacation. Thank you, Jesus!
Also, on April 10th (or so) we prayed for our dear friend, Sharon, who had cancer. She was very ill and hospice was in her home with her also. We just heard from her this week that she is cancer free. The doctors told her, "not in remission - the cancer is gone!"
Jesus told us that when He heals someone from cancer it takes a bit until they truly recover. He said the cancer has worn them down physically, and also the treatment for cancer, which is very hard on your body, but they will get better. They just need a little time to recover, but they will get well because the cancer is gone. We are seeing this come true with many people after we have prayed for them. Jesus is wonderfully kind!
Also, we heard from our friend Mary that her daughter Jean has had a "fantastic year health-wise" since we have been praying for her. Our friend Roberta's husband went to California for his health with asthma related problems. He was there for weeks and weeks, and then we asked Jesus to help him and his daughter said that he got better at just the time we prayed for him. Jesus has been spectacular in his loving response to asking Him to heal. We know how much He loves each one. We hope you will contact us if there is someone you would like to have us join you in praying for healing.