Friday, October 06, 2006

A Great Mailing

10-4-06 Today we sent out a great, great mailing of pictures to people all over the world. 29 packages were mailed out in all, 8 of these went overseas, the rest to various states here in the U. S. One of them went to Brother Joseph in Ghana. As was previously posted, Jesus recently got a farm for Joseph and those with him to live on. Jesus did something else for them, we sent them over 250 packets of vegetable seeds!
The packets of seeds normally would have cost over $150.00, but we got them for $5.00!! Nikki went to Walmart and since the growing season is over they were on sale for 2 cents each! Jesus thank You for doing this for them! They have plenty of land now on which to grow food they have struggled and suffered with not enough food to eat and yet, stayed faithful to the Father. Jesus has many times given them money for food through us and others , and now He moves for them to be able to grow their own food. Jesus please bless their crops and give them plenty of rain for this food to grow. (Silvana asked Jesus to have it as though their crops were growing in the land of Goshen, protected and blessed.) In the package we sent another 5000 pictures that they will be giving to all those around and in other villages, wherever Jesus shows them, along with THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. We will continue praying for them and for their crops that will grow from these seeds that Jesus gave to them. Perhaps they will be able to grow enough to sell the extra vegetables. In the meantime, we are asking the Father for money to give them for food, medicine and their immediate needs in their house, there are 30 men, women and children. Please keep praying for their provision as they stand for Jesus in giving out the pictures.

We also sent a package to Pastor Jean in Rwanda which has an uncut sheet of 21 pictures, which he can show to a printer in Rwanda and get a price to print the pictures there. We also sent him more of these free pictures of Jesus that are being distributed all over the world. Jesus, through His people, gave him the motor scooter so he is going to be able to take these pictures to much further places in Rwanda. Remember the Plan that the Father had for Rwanda? Now, there is a powerful opportunity to carry out that plan, thanks to the willing heart of Pastor Jean, and the support of people in the USA who love Jesus. Here is an excerpt out of a letter we recently received from Pastor Jean.

About the map, Silvana, I have it in my messages box and I had read what the Father said on each of them and till now Jesus pictures arrived in many areas like Kigali city, kigali rural, kayonza and Byumba, kibungo and Gitarama .Some pictures arrived in Ruhengeri,Gisenyi and some were sent in Goma/Congo. All these areas are in Jesus love and Jesus is doing some thing there and some send me written testimony and others talk to me! Some invite me in baptism of persons who repented after receiving Jesus picture and watching His movie! And so on! I hope in the future free Jesus Pictures will spread every where in those cities as now I have a transport means! God bless you and your family! Yours faithfully John!

Jesus is moving to heal them in Rwanda from the dark and wicked time of the genocide, through these pictures of Himself, and the THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, which shows how completely He understands their sufferings as they came in contact with evil. With love, He is coming close to them and speaking to them. Here is another excerpt out of a letter from Pastor Jean.

You can see me baptising one boy (a t-shirt with big letters) you can see also some girls which Jesus inner-healed and spiritually! They gave their testimony and it was terrible! But Jesus healed them after watching his passion movie and taking freeJesus pictures; they talked to him and he talked to them!
We are so grateful to You, Jesus for all that You are doing. And we thank Rusty who has asked to pay the $25.00 a month rent for Pastor Jean. She is not wealthy, none of us are, but the Father provides and Rusty is helping Him. Thanks to all who have taken up this cause, to lift up Jesus in the darkness. Robert and Catherine H. have helped so much to further this Operation. Corrine K, whose tithe made the payment to get Joseph in Ghana and his flock to have a roof over their head and land to plant. Felicia D. who is steadfast in helping with the pictures any way she can, Suzanne S and Sid A and Pamela and Stephan D. and Doug and Therese have given blessed help along with Nikki and Antonio J. of OJP, who, moved by the Holy Spirit got the scooter for Pastor Jean, and Mary B who sends mailing money and strings pictures to put into the hands of people the Father is looking to, to tell them there is an alternative to despair, to suicidal feelings that the enemy desires to use to hurt the lonely and fearful. When the Body of Jesus moves together with His leading, as we have been doing, there is NOTHING impossible. He makes a way where there seems no way and fruit will be and IS the result. Jesus is the answer to the violence and hatred and suffering in this world, and we will lift Him up together and together. we are making an impact in this world in travail.
The pictures and the PASSION are working together to go straight past the mind and right into the spirit of each one who receives them, swifter than the enemy could ever dream of moving. In this time of upheaval and war the Father finds a way to reach us, and creates a simple but powerful and rapid way for people to look at the pictures and want to pour out everything to Jesus. The Father says that thousand are now talking to Him and He is answering and helping every one of them. The PASSION has the same effect.. put the pictures together with the film, and you have a weapon mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

The other overseas countries that we sent packages to in this mailing were Greece, France, India, and Ireland. Thank you to all of you who send in donations to help in mailing these packages, and all those who string the pictures, and those who pray for us and pray for those receiving the pictures. Look at the fruit coming from giving out the pictures and rejoice that you are a part of it, for the Father sees your union with Him in this endeavor with great joy.