Friday, October 06, 2006

From My Shroud I come to you

We receive many phone calls for pictures as they are discovered by people in various ways. Sometimes in stores, in friend's houses, in offices, in parking lots, the Holy Spirit knows how to get them to the people. We received three phone calls recently. Nikki J. a member of OJP took a call from a woman in New Mexico who said her son was in jail that we had sent him pictures of Jesus and he had given some of them to family members, it's like a ripple in a pond spreading out further and further. This mother told us that her son is out of jail now and doing very well. He is going to school and will be graduating soon. She sees how Jesus helped her son and now she wants more of these powerful pictures to give out to others. You see how simple it is to give the free pictures, and then to see how Jesus helps them to come from darkness to light.

The second call was from a woman in the state of Georgia who was given a picture from a friend she said she felt so touched by the picture that she wants to give them out to people in her area. She is requesting 200, and is so glad to be able to give these to others. The Father is glad as well.

The third call we received was from another woman in New Mexico whose son sent her a picture of Jesus. She said she can feel Jesus from the picture, and she wanted to request more to give out to her family and friends so that they can also be helped by Jesus as she has been. So many times people tell us that they can feel Him, that love seems to be radiating from His face. Yes, it is, because He said "From My Shroud I come to you". He is with every picture we send.

We will be mailing all of these packages out soon, in fact we will be done packing up every request we have to date by tomorrow. Thank You, Father, for letting us be part of something so good, so right, lifting the Son of Man to every corner of the world, speaking of love so great and sacrifice so deep, reaching into our hearts and filling us with light and hope. In Jesus' name we will help You, Father. to lift up Jesus in the darkness.