Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Pictures go to prisoners - post by Therese Cooper

The other day my husband Doug and I were at the hospital, following up on the blood clot for which he was hospitalized earlier this year. We were giving out pictures of Jesus to different people, including the Doctor that was talking to us about Doug's situation. We were sent to a different department where Doug was to have blood drawn, and while we were waiting a guard came in with a young women, maybe 20 or 21, She was in shackles and a prisoners uniform. I went over to her to give her some pictures, which she in turn asked the guard if she could have them. The guard looked at them and said yes, I handed the guard some also. I told them that they could get more anytime. The prisoner took the pictures, held them and looked at Jesus, looked back at me smiling, said thank you and looked back at the picture of Jesus. There she is looking into Jesus' face and what does she see? Love, love, no judgement, He will help her, now His presence is around her.
On the way out of this department another guard came in with a prisoner and again immediately we went over and gave her pictures, she asked the guard if she could have them, the guard looked at them and said yes, and again I gave the guard some also. This prisoner was more downcast looking then the other prisoner, she looked at me as I gave them to her, she took them and looked at Jesus, showed them to the guard and then looked back at Jesus. As we walked away, she looked at me, she was grateful, I smiled and nodded at her, and she looked back at Jesus. And now it can begin for them, they can start to get to know Him, hear Him, and know Jesus will help them and the others around them. Jesus please help them and let them feel Your presence, and hear Your voice, and then tell others around them that they too can know You. And let all that love You, lift Jesus to the prisoners, and to the sick, and to all You lead so that hope can be present in their time of trouble. You are their hope, and the hope of the world at war. Thank You Father for sending us to the highways and byways of Your world, and may there alway be fruit in Your Name.